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Tina is born and raised up in Germany near Frankfurt. She started with horses in the year ’89 on big horses and started with Icelandic Horses in ’94. She worked with horsetraining and ridinglessons during school at Hestaborg (www.hestaborg.de) and after she finished her A-levels she started working on different farms, f.e. Walter Feldmann Aegidienberg (http://gaedingar-group.de/gpz), Thorsten Reisinger Ansbach (www.pfaffenbuck.de), Uli&Irene Reber (www.lipperthof.de) and Klaus Elblinger (www.steinadlerhof.de) where she also learned Salesman in the horseshop wholesale. She made the C-riding instructor and C-trainer in the year 2002 while working at Lipperthof. In the year 2005 she went to Iceland and started with Equine Science at the Hólar University. She finished the first year 2006 and was then working on her own in East-Iceland and later at Vatnsleysa in Skagafjörður (www.vatnsleysa.com). She took the 2nd year in Hólar 2007 and graduated as FT young horse trainer in 2008 after taking the training at Sólvangur (www.hesturinn.is). Since may 2010 she is also a judge for sport competitions.

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Benedikt Snorrason

Benni is born and raised up in the town Eskifjörður in East-Iceland. He has been interested in horses since he was a little kid, because his father, Snorri Jónsson, owns and breeds horses since many years.
Benni also learned to be an electrician and graduated in june 2009. He is working as an electrician at Alcoa Fjarðaál.
While he was in school in North-Iceland he also had riding as a school subject and finished all 5 steps of the knapamerki, that is over 2 years and teached by Arndís Brynjólfsdóttir from Vatnsleysa. Benni is most interested in breeding and in training young horses.

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