Young horses getting in shape

This winter we have started 3 young horses from our breeding.

The three are all born 2013 and turning 5 years old this year.

Vigur frá Stóra-Bakka
F: Eldur frá Torfunesi (8,60)
M: Bylgja frá Stöð (7,86)

Glýja frá Stóra-Bakka
F: Orri frá Þúfu (8,34)
M : Gæfa frá Breiðumörk II (8,05)

Hrafney frá Stóra-Bakka
F: Þristur frá Feti (8,27)
M: Hreyfing frá Eskifirði (7,47)

The first one we introduce you to is Vigur frá Stóra-Bakka, a very promising 5gaiter with high movements and a very calm and easy character. His mother has given us many great offsprings, some of them got sold to Europe and some of them are still owned by us or Bennis father.

Vigur is a promising gelding who is probably going to be interesting for T2 and fivegait.

He is now ridden for only about 3 month and shows really interesting moments!